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OAP and the AIRSCREEN ® offer the highest quality inflatable outdoor movie screens.
AIRSCREEN ® is recognized as the best outdoor movie screen on the market. These inflatable outdoor movie screens feature theatrical screen surfaces and use a silent pump (most models) instead of a full time blower after inflation. The AIRSCREEN ® provides superior wind resistance, safety and a visual appealing look. The unique high frequency welded frame provides the critical structure for the professional theatrical projection screen surface. These HF welded seams allow extraordinary durability. After the unit is inflated, a SILENT high-pressure pump maintains the internal pressure. Durability and wind resistance to 24mph are what gives AIRSCREEN ® its reputation. The movie screens projection surfaces start at a height where your audience will not interfere with the picture on screen. These screens can be set up almost anywhere. From the most delicate golf greens, on the beach, at the park, on the water, parking lots… the possibilities are endless with OAP and the AIRSCREEN ®.




  • Inflatable Screen- multiple sizes for audience needs
  • Digital projection
  • Pro-Audio system that meets audience requirements
  • Professionally trained event technicians
  • Weather guarantee
  • On-screen advertising. Present sponsorship ads and commercials to promote your event providers.
  • Widescreen or standard formats
  • Equipment set up and dismantles
  • Public performance film licensing (if required)
  • On-screen advertising
  • Event Concessions


OAP technicians are at your services to present more than just the movie. Present your sponsors or provides information on the big screen. The entire audience is waiting for something, anything to happen on the screen. You can present sponsorship ads, slides, live camera feed, coming attractions, announcements and much more. We accept nearly every media format and can prepare your presentation for you.

What People are saying!

  • “It was great working with Open Air Projections (OAP) IN 2006 I look forward to our events in Victoria Park, Cobourg next summer. Sa and events coordinator Movies in the park with OAP was the easiest event to organize – the professional friendly and organized staff come in and do all the work – the screen and sound equipment is set-up quickly and ready to go for show-time. The movie screen picture and sound quality are amazing and the best part was seeing all the families and individuals come prepared with their lawn chairs, popcorn and blankets and laugh and enjoy the movie. I highly recommend all communities try an outdoor movie event with OAP”
  • “What an excellent event! We were thoroughly impressed with the entire evening and specifically your staff! Thanks so much…”
  • “Open Air Projections provided their services at the Kids’ Safety Village, Halloween Haunt. The children were able to watch Halloween Disney Movie on a massive screen, while eating popcorn and sitting in small Peg-Perego Jeeps. The children loved the “Drive-Inn at the Village”. There were many events for the children to participate in at the village. By far the drive-inn was the best attraction that was there. The children were so excited about the movie that there was a line up to view the film. The staff from Open Air Projections were both friendly and organized. I was truly impressed by the entire experience.”