Outdoor Movies and AIRSCREEN are the world’s leading suppliers of inflatable outdoor movie screens. With 15 years experience, hundreds of screens sold, and satisfied customers in fifty five countries, our reputation for quality, innovation and service are well known.

All AIRSCREEN Outdoor projection screens offer unique characteristics which make them industry leading:
– Finest quality design and engineering refined through customer feedback and our own extensive use Ease of use
– Lighter than many other screens, yet offering greater strength and stability
– HF welded frame construction lasts longer than other screen frames
– HF welded frame airtight construction enables higher internal pressures providing significantly greater frame stability and better screen surface flatness in windy condition
– Professional front or rear projection screen surfaces are custom produced to our exacting specifications. Our surfaces are 50% stronger than other brands.Sales-Banner1




AIRSCREEN Classic stands alone as the flagship of the inflatable screen world with pioneering innovation, state of the art craftsmanship, and elegant design. AIRSCREEN Classic is the first choice of film festivals and studios for large outdoor movie events. Pricing starts at $24,000.






The AIRSCREEN AEROPRO offers great value and great looks. Its craftsmanship, ease of use, and the best projection surface available make AEROPRO a first choice in inflatatble screens from 16′ to  40′ wide. AEROPRO inflatable screens start at $4,599. AEROPRO is normally in-stock.




16′ 20′ 24′ 30′ 40′
Projection Screen Size
16’ x 9’ 20’ x 11.25’ 24’ x 13’6” 30’ x 16’9” 40’ x 22’
Overall Size (WxH) 18’ x 15.75’ 23’ x 18.5’ 28 x 22’ 35’ x 25.5” 45.5’ x 33’
Viewing surface from
5’11” 5’11” 5’11” 6’6” 6’6”
Weight (pounds) 93 143 235 365 515


airscreen_logo-2FEATURES & BENEFITS

Outdoor Screen Surfaces – Outdoor Movies and AIRSCREEN offer only high quality professional projection surfaces.
When comparing products look for the following properties:

  • Precise color temperature and gain.
  • Ability to withstand wind without stretching or billowing.
  • Foldable and resistant to moisture.
  • Front projection screens have a black backing to prevent ambient light from transmitting through the surface to the viewer.
  • Screen surface data sheets are available on request.

Precision HF Welded Frame – The unique AIRSCREEN high frequency welded inflatable frame provides the critical structure for your projection surface. AIRSCREEN provides superior wind resistance, safety, and a visually appealing look. The HF welding process is far more durable than competitors’ sewing machine and thread construction method and allows for a higher internal pressure and a more stable frame. Moisture cannot enter the interior of the frame preventing mold and mildew formation. HF welded seams allow extraordinary durability with lighter weights!

Warranty – AIRSCREEN ® outdoor movie projection screens are backed by a three year warranty